Saturday, September 17, 2016

Writing Papers That Get Higher Grades

You need to have English papers written to pass that class! How many times have you said, “I hate to write”, “I hate to read”, or, “I just cannot seem to put the thoughts together on paper correctly,”.

What happens now is that you go to a website, scan over spark notes, and end up handing in a paper that is marked through and through with comments like “unclear”, or, “elaborate on this”. 

Many of us have been down that road, and it is not an easy one to tread, especially if your grades depend on that scholarship to keep going to school. 

Writing a paper can be time consuming, and if you do not have a professor that allows for a first draft, that paper you handed in is hanging by a thread in your stomach until you have it returned.

You know that you did the research, followed every guideline, everything seems in order but your writing is not being accepted when you enter writing contests or looking for writing jobs? Every submission seems to be returned marked, “Thanks, but this is not what we are looking for at this time.”
Before you hand your paper in or try to enter writing contests, or submit your writing sample to an organization for employment, it will save you time if you had your own personal online writing tutor. 
Right from your desktop you will be able to submit your papers to your tutor and oftentimes get answers right away, depending on the size of the project you send.
Your assigned tutor will be able to help you with:
  • Sentence length check
  • Vague and Abstract Words Check
  • Grammar Check
  • Diction Check
  • Consistency Check
  • Overused Words Check
  • Writing style Check
In addition to these there are many more writing issues that you may not be aware that editors, teachers, contest judges etc. are looking for when you turn in your writing project. 

When writing tutors send your paper back it will be filled with notes and suggestions that will help you improve your writing techniques, and your confidence will soar once you are producing killer work.

Get Writing Checked Today!