Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Dastardly Deeds

     Sitting here watching CNN, my gut kicks in as I see the world's inhabitants reasoning out why they war with one another. I myself appreciate the comfort of an American lifestyle, where I can get up from my bed, make a cup of coffee, and not worry about a bomb dropping on my head after my leaders take a breather in the name of  peace talks. However I cannot help but feel empathy, compassion and anger at what is unfolding in other parts of the world. As I stir in my coffee creamer, add a little sweetener, and settle into my office space, I wonder about these leaders.
     The world is full of those that follow, and those that lead. Millionaires, billionaires and whatever air is after that have the privilege of sitting in their comfortable space and make decisions on who gets bombed and why. I have a theory that those same decision makers also have a part in weapons distribution. They do say that money makes more money, and if they stop war, there would be no need for weapons. hmmm

     So, we continue to fight one another in the name of the right to do it. That makes sense I guess, in the greater scheme of things. In America we have our guns and would go to war to keep the right to have them. Who cares if little girls are being killed on their front steps in the summertime eating a Popsicle. We have our freedoms, so she would be considered collateral damage, right? hmmm

     I have friends that don't watch the news, they say that it is too depressing. I myself am a news addict, and wonder how can you not watch what the world is up too. But, I have my writing, a way for me to breathe about what is going on around me, and shake it off, well sort of. Sometimes I find myself in tears as I watch, but I think that means I'm only human, hmm, maybe these leaders are not human? Maybe they are really aliens from another planet, that have invaded human bodies and that is the reason for their lack of compassion for humankind. Maybe I have had too much coffee.