Thursday, May 1, 2014

A Prompt.

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Today's Prompt: Your character is 15 years old and just found a gun in the bushes in the park.

Class Reflections: Not Enough Time

It is not enough to learn to develop the process of writing without keeping in mind the working of your craft, and this cannot take place if you do not sit down and write. Pressures of the day  keep us busy doing everything but writing. If we  call ourselves writers we have to grab minutes from our day to devote to our words. Here are a few ideas to keep up with your time.

1. Keep a notepad, small enough to fit in your pocket. When inspired pull it out.

2.  Listen. You will be surprised how much conversation or sound goes on around you when you turn off the car radio, or take the ear buds out at the market. The world is full of sounds.

3. During lunch hour, 15 minutes belongs to your writing. I go to to pound out anything that comes to mind. It's a free site that gives points for making a 750 word goal. I  like the idea to "just write" about anything.

4. Think simple. You don't have to become a Hemingway. Some of the simplest thoughts can become a story, or poem, or a novel over time. For Instance: write a letter or short note that you will not send, think of something that you  and never found, write about it, write 6 word phrases that reflect a concrete image, become a favorite flower and write about it's growth, and or its death. Do this in 10 minute or 15 minute intervals, commit the time.

5. DO IT!